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This is crazy, I haven't checked my deviantART account in ages. It's been so long ; ^ ;
So much has happened in my life since my last time here. I've moved to another city, I've gotten a new job, I've got a dog now, and my own apartment.
Adult life has eaten me alive @ o @

Anyway, guys..I'm sorry for not being active here. I do have a facebook page that I update more regularly, if you'd care to give it a look and a like:…
I'd really appreciate it :)

Also, here, have a picture of Tesla. He's my photogenic furbaby :D <3

Hey guys!

I made this silly youtube channel, posting videos of me drawing and talking crap.


It's been a long time since I wrote a journal entry. I've been neglecting my deviantART account, being more active on my facebook page and my tumblr ..

But I do occasionally pop by here, so this account isn't declared dead ;)

I just wanted to wish you all happy holidays and a merry christmas.


I got a new baby :D
Hey guys!

First of all I want to thank you for all the happy birthdays :*
I sort of celebrated yesterday, with my friends <3
Also, for a long time I've been wanting to make a Companion Cube I made one for my birthday celebration.
It took me like three days..but I had lots of fun. I've gotten so much into baking lately..especially cupcakes :nod:
Need to get more friends to invite over for cupcake parties xD

Companion Cube Cake

Companion Cube Cake

Thank you again, everyone :D

Also, if you'd like to check out my latest drawing stuffs, I have a facebook page:…

I'd be super happy if you'd care to follow :)
Hi guys!

I know you're probably missing ye good olde McMorbid. Or you think I keep dying and coming back to life occasionally ^^;
But as I've stated before, I'm so much more active on facebook and tumblr these days.
I'm establishing my own business the moment as a freelance illustrator.

I made a facebook page for it if you're interested in checking out what I've been up to lately.

Check it out here ->…

Peace out for now. I'll be back when you least expect it :aww:
In the meantime, thanks for all the new watches and comments..and favs of course:nod:
And to all of you who's been with me from way back; :blowkiss: love ya!
Hello everyone!

I've been up to some sneaky business..but I haven't had the pleasure of sharing this with all my watchers on deviantart yet D: Just a heads up; I am way more active on my McMorbid Facebook account :nod:

So if you'd like more updates and such from me, that would be the place to go~

On the other hand..I've finally printed some limited edition t-shirts that are currently up for sale on my website.
Take a look, why don't ya ->… :D They're pretty kickass!

Here's a taste:
Alien Shirt

Monster Shirt

There are more colors, don't fret my friends n__n

I'm sorry I haven't been very active here..I know I keep I was working on a new journal header at least..until I got a commission..and then Resident Evil 6 came out..and can probably relate *cough* u w u;

Tadaaa! :D

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 11, 2008, 7:17 PM

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.FAQ.maria mcmorbidfacebook.CSS help.

Allright guys! I've got a sample of the book now and it's SO cute! Here are some pictures:

Image Description

Image Description

Image Description

The book is currently available here: and here:
All you have to do is search for "mcmorbid" and there you go n_____n

At the moment the book is only available at these Dutch pages, because my publisher is from the Netherlands..


I will receive some copies from my publisher too, so the book will be available for purchase straight from me as well, mind, the people who buy straight from me will get their copy signed by me ;D I will let you know when I have received the copies~

Right now I don't have the opportunity to draw anything, sadly. I'm working on a home exam that's to be handed in on wednesday. I have to write 10-15 pages about Michel Foucault and his Panopticon stuffs x___x eesh. I've got about 5 pages. Oh man oh man!


Lots of love from me to you, guys! Hope you're doing good:blowkiss:

Image Description

DGM Lonely moon by MaryIL :thumb102683306: Mornings after by etchepare
:thumb102669102: Mermaid is taking a nap by efira-japan How can he be harmful... by Anarchpeace

...Because you know you love them...
This news article is dedicated to the most
perfect monster ever created (in my opinion,
All respect and honour to its great
designer and artist HR Giger~

Enjoy this collection of fine Alien
fan works from a handful of deviants!

Aliens by Christoferson :thumb2831505: ALIENS-Solitaire by Gorrem
::ALIENS vs Halo:: by martinhoulden Newt? and Aliens by psionic ALIENS by necronomicon32
ALIENS- Hell's Gate. by jaxxblackfox Babysitting -Aliens fan chara by jaxxblackfox ALIENS:FIRE TEAM by ukitakumuki
Aliens vs Halo Detail Shots by Rahll :thumb5131219: ALIENS... So Many ALIENS... by simon-noir
Aliens Poster by Gorrem ALIENS vs. The Guyver by blackpoint the Alien Queen by vashperado
Aliens by Leagas xenomorph by briannacherrygarcia My Little Xenomorph II by eruna
Xenomorph by sweet-666 Xenomorph by melancholyrosex Xenomorph Triptych - Center by ilyat
Xenomorph Under Glass by jaxxblackfox :thumb56020955: Xenomorph by madalice
Xenomorph Experimentation by Legato895 ALIEN queen wallpaper by RoguePL Chilling Alien VI by RoguePL
xenomorph by YouCannotFalter :thumb8603110: Underwater Xenomorph by monstah
Xenomorph by Genocide-X Alien - Xenomorph by Morsoth ALIENS: Queen Xenomorph by monolemon